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Channel your conversations through Zocks to save time, automate workflows, and create new experiences. All from the platform that brings privacy to intelligence. Here’s how it works.
Ready to level up your client engagement?
  • Struggling to take detailed notes and actively listen during your client conversations?
  • Struggling to keep up with timely communications and follow ups?
  • Spending too much time adding your notes and tasks into your CRM & Task Manager?
Advisors and wealth managers trust Zocks to increase client engagement

Zocks captures all the details you need from conversations — without the need for recordings

Zocks analyzes virtual and in-person conversations in real time, and automatically captures key details on your client’s financial situation, investment goals, and life events. Never miss an important personal or financial fact again.
Make client follow ups a breeze
Zocks automatically captures action items from conversations, and drafts  a follow up email in your style, tone, and format.

Get your meeting notes into your CRM & task managers automatically

Zocks seamlessly integrates with your CRM to automate your follow up tasks, communications, and workflows.
Spend less time wrangling your notes
and more time helping your clients
"I was initially drawn to Zocks because of its commitment to data security. What keeps me a long-term customer is its commitment to accuracy and useful information that not only saves time but helps deliver even more value for our clients.”
Doug Oosterhart
CFP, Life Point Planning
“Zocks has gotten me back to sending a follow up email after each meeting and my clients have noticed. My notes are more thorough than ever with Zocks and I’m not missing pertinent facts anymore.”
Seth Sanborn
Financial Advisor, Legacy Financial Advisors
"Zocks is greatly improving my efficiency with client follow-up and meeting documentation.  Generating follow-up e-mails to clients after financial planning and review meetings used to consume significant time and energy for me.  With Zocks, I simply review and edit the generated e-mail and send off to the client.  It is saving me significant time.  In addition, meeting notes are easily dropped into our CRM.  I have been needing something like this for a very long time!"
Jason Odette
Partner and IAT, Vitalstone Financial
“It’s the best tech for advisors – ever.
I no longer have to worry about taking notes or missing some of the details when talking with clients. I can put my complete focus on clients. Zocks captures the details and within minutes I have the meeting information broken down and summarized. I’m amazed at what Zocks picks up – items I would have missed. Better info for me, better planning for the clients and a detailed record for compliance.  Win Win Win.”
Geoff Kanner
Certified Financial Planner, Kanner Financial
It’s time to level up your client engagement with Zocks