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Google API Services Usage Disclosure

Last updated: December 13, 2023

Digital Inspiration will use information obtained from Google APIs in accordance with Google API Services User Data Policy, specifically following the Limited Use requirements.

Limited Use:

Our application fully complies with the conditions outlined in Google's limited use policy.

  1. Do not permit human access to user data unless explicit consent is obtained to view specific messages, files, or other data.
  2. Do not utilize or transfer the data for ad-serving purposes, including retargeting, personalized, or interest-based advertising.
  3. Restrict the use of data to enhancing or providing user-facing features prominently displayed in the application's user interface; all other uses are prohibited.
  4. Only transfer the data to others when necessary for providing or improving user-facing features prominently displayed in the application's user interface.

Details about the data our app requests and the reasons for accessing Google user data are extensively documented in our Privacy Policy page.

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